Recently hackers expose your personal information on Internet after they hack to American corporation web site. As you know most American corporation are using web 1.0. When you visit any American web site, click on view source. You can see all their html and javascript because the html and javascript are rendering from the backend. This make hackers easy to decode. Then they can predict what will happen when they make request to backend.

Web 1.0 has no secure at all. This is reason w3c introduce web 3.0 which provide corse cross origin concept and a single page application that is written mostly in JavaScript. AngularJS come to play important role in web 3.0 . When we deploy web 3.0 to cloud service, the html and javascript are minified. The front end and backend pack in a binary jar file and deploy to the cloud service. 

If hacker access the server, they can't find the config file where is stored the database information.

This is bulletin proof.

If you are look for  a job in web site developer or software engineer, mass majority American corporation is still using web 1.0 and web 2.0 . They are still using Jquery, html 4, css 1, css 2, JavaScript for front end. For their backend, they use mostly Java, JSP, JSP tag Lib, Drool Rule Engine, server side rendering. All their validation is done on the server side. It is the most easy to debug. All you have to do, just view the source code through browser. You can see all their code. You can predict what their validation is going to be. They normally use SOAP web service which xml restful service. Now a day it is hard to find people who know this old technology because most of people is normally use spring rest service.

As a result, they normally have a lot of defects. They are always looking for people to help fixing these defects. If you know these technology, you should be able to find a contract work or temporary work for 3 or 6 months. Just remember these technology stack they use

1. Java, JSP, JSP Tag Lib, Drool Rule Engine, Maven, Spring Framework

2. SOAP web service or xml rest format data exchange

3. html 4, css 1, css2, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap Style sheet for responsive

People who use facebook. Facebook use your photo as face recognization by government and corporation. Now they know who you are, where you live, what you do. If you commit crime,they just run face recognization. They know exactly who are and where you live.

I told everyone so when you use social network web site, your personal information is compromised. Nothing is free. Your personal information are sold to high bitter. 

When you walk on the public street, they just run face recognization scan. They know exactly who you are. This is the most scary. They know what religion you belong to, what you do, where you work, where you live, etc.

Imagine you can buy a  house keeping robot at the store. It can do all the house keeping work for you. It will change the way we live. I am sure in the future, People will buy robots instead of buying computer or TV. The Boston dynamic need to mass produce these robots so they can sell these robots to American consumers.

Every programmer and developer love to have one so they can add their enhancement software to make robots to do a lot of more.

The time is now. The Boston Dynamic need to mass produce their prototype before someone copy their pattern.

Lowell High School is closing today gas leak. Lowell High has a lot of problem with gas leak. The gas company, firemen, and police men has been to school so many times to find out where gas leak come from. They still can't find where the gas leak come from. If they can't find the gas come from, I bet you one day that builling will blow up.

I think it is time to build a new lowell high school. The current building is very old. Everything is falling apart. If they build new high school, it's going to take couple years.  There will be new increase in property tax or sale tax. Some hard line resident of Lowell are against increasing tax.

But we do need a new high school for next generation American before anyone get hurt. A few more tax I don't mind to pay for it. School is the heart of economic and new invention of our economic.

If you look at the south and mid-west America, they did not build good school system. You see their economic system is wipe out and their unemployment go up to the roof. 

Massachusetts is different from any other U.S. states. We still have manufacture, development and Research, best school system, good health care. I remember in 1980s and 1990s, It is hard to find primary care doctor office and dental office. Now you see we have dental office and primary care doctor office are at every corner of neighborhood like Donkin Donut.

The World is standing and watching to see Assad, Russian, and Iranian executing Syrian people. The Syrian people was asking for a free election so they can choose their own leaders. The Assad turned around and bombed his own people. Assad has to hire Russian missionary and Iranian missionary to fight a war against his own people.

If the Russian and Iranian did not stick their nose Syria, we would see new leader and election in Syria. One big mistake that President Obama did not do anything. This is the most shameful and disgusting where everyone is standing aside and watching Russian and Iranian execute Syrian people.

The time is now that Internation stand up and send military there to help Syrian people. Or The world tell Russian and Iranian withdraw their troupe from Syria. This is a civil war between Syrian people. Let the Syrian people fight this war. 

The U.N. should declare no fly zone and no tank. If there is the tank moving, U.S. and U.N. should shot and destroy it.

Dear President Donald Trump,

It's time to open your heart to Hondoras Migrant. America need to step in helping Hondoras people. It's time to replace their corruption government so we can stop the migrant workers from fleeing their country.

Hondoras is our neighbor. We can't ignore these people. We can bring them in and put them to work on American farms and American factors so we don't have to outsource our factories to China.

These South American have our culture and our religion. They are not much different from American in U.S.

Thank you for Mexican stepping up and helping these migrant workers.

I told everyone so if you are using any social networking web site, shopping online, banking online, trading online, your personal information is compromised by hackers. During Bush Administration, every company laid off American IT and American Software Engineer. Then they replaced American IT and American Software Engineer with H1-B Visa workers from India. They thought the H1-B Visa people know about Internet security, database security, encryption method. When the H1-B visa Software Engineer and H1-B IT took over American corporation, they replaced every Linux and Unix Server with Windows Server because Windows Server has graphic interface and easy mantain. They replaced LDAPS and siteminder authentication with Oauth and Database Authentication. They open a worm hole to allow hackers to easy to access windows server and windows OS Users. As result, every American personal information is stolen by hackers.

The professional hackers is alway targeting the database system when they access your web server. This mean American corporation have to spend trillions of dollars to redo their server infrastructure again.

Now they know when they hire H1-B software engineer, they thought would save them money. At the end, it cause them a lot of money.

You have to know computer and internet were invented by American so every American software engineer know the risk and secure prototype.

I like what you said about Amazon and U.S. post office. It is true. It is true Amazon use U.S. post office as paper boy to delivery their package. This is what I call making a bread without dough. This is the reason Amazon making money with U.S. post office delivery. Then tax payer bill out the U.S. post office. It is time for U.S. post office stop doing this.

Thank you for President Donald Trump speak out this issue. The past president, no one speak out. They just let other corporation take advantage of U.S. Tax payer.

Thank you,

President Donald Trump.

I don't think you can drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. because the government jobs are the only available for American workers. American workers can't get any job at American corporation. Most of American corporation are outsource to China and India. Therefore there is no private sector jobs for American people. As a result, Unemployed American are running for government office so they can get a job.

Therefore you can't drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. If anyone can drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., it will be chaos in America. Million American will move to Europe, China, India, like the South American Caravan Immigrant.

So funny American Company complain China is stealing American copy right pattern. From China perspective and Vietnam perspective there is no copy right pattern. Not like European, The European invented copy right pattern since 1800s to protect inventor property.

In Asia, there is no copy right pattern. There is no law to protect someone invention property.

If you do business with China and Vietnam, you alway lost. They are going to steal everything you have. This is the reason, other Asian countries don't get along with Vietnam and China. If you talk to other Asian people, they normally call Chinese people and Vietnamese people are sea pirot. 

Amazon don't have their own products. Most of the products belong to other vendors from China, stolen goods, fake  goods.

If someone break to your home and steal your home goods, you can find them on Amazon and Ebay. People buy goods from Amazon and Ebay are bargain buyers.  I don't buy any product from Amazon or Ebay because I know  those are fake products and stolen products.

Amazon make money mostly from advertise, AWS, Insurance, and farm migrant workers. They don't make any money from selling those goods.

Amazon sponsor a lot of H1-B workers from India, China, and Europe. Amazon make a lot of money from H1-B migrant workers by farm them to other companies. Each migrant worker, Amazon make about $5k to $20k in form of investment.

This is how Google, Microsoft, Amazon make so much money from selling migrant workers to other company. They know selling migrant workers are illegal. They use the word investment from other company.

Like porn star. The porn star is not much different from prostitution on the street.

The rising of the world population is the rising of poverty around the world. Now we see mass of poverty people from Asia, Russia, India, Africa, MiddleEast, and South America are migratting to North America, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Why are they migrating to North America, Canada, Australia, and Europe? because their country do not have government system like Europe, U.S.A, Canada, and Australia. They have  corruption government that cause millions people to become poverty.

If U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia do not help these countries to have the same government system like us, we  will have mass illegal immigrant. There are no way to stop poor people from entering our countries. We can build many wall and add millions of border patrol. They will find the away to get in. 

The best solution is to help eliminate corruption government in their countries. Then we need to set up a true democratic system like 3 branches of government to do check and balance. Then we need to create a tax system like us to collect tax to help the poor people. Then they will stop migrating to our countries.

The doom day for American is here now. You can see every American person identity is stolen by hackers. If you purchase any product from online, department store, banking, Financing, etc., your person identity is the hand of hackers.

They get your social security number, your credit card, birthdate, phone number, home address, passport, driver license, credit score, etc.

We should blame on Bush Administration, Oboma Administration, and greedy corporation. During Bush Administration, every American corporation laid off Ameican IT workers and American Software Programmers, they replaced H1-B Visa Indian workers. They thought the Indian H1-B Visa workers know about security risk and Internet security. As result, you see every American consumers identity is compromised by hacker.

When you come to deal with security and internet security, it is the most complex issue. Only a few people understand about security. This is the reason Berkley University invented LDAPS to protect American consumers but most the H1-B Visa Indian workers don't understand what is LDAPS. So they replaced every American Internet System with Oauth, JWK Token, database plain text password validation.

They replaced American Unix and Linux computer servers with Windows Server so it is easy for them to manage. As result, it make easy for hackers to access.

120,000 caravan immigrant are walking from South America to U.S. At some point they will enter U.S. and arrest by U.S. border patrol. These 120,000 want to get arrested by U.S. border patrol so they can get free food. As you know food is scarcity in south America.

Does American have food and shelter for 120,000 new immigrant from South America?

To read more,

Massachusetts General Attorney made announcement today for everyone to watch out for switching electric source scam. These scam artists guarrantee you will save in your electric bill if you switch to their electric company source. But you are not saving. You will end pay more. In Lowell, MA. they open their office in Pailin plaza on middlesex st. They recruit Cambodian community family to switch to their electric source. They are actually scamming. You will pay more in electric bill. If you stay with your local electric source default, you will stay at lowest rate.

I told everyone about security risk to every American corporation but no one listen to me. Now you see every American corporation are infecting with virus and hackers because they are using windows OS. They should bring Microsoft CEO to court to charge for allowing hackers to access Microsoft OS and steal your data. I notice this problem since windows 98 when Microsoft include anti-virus. The anti-virus is not protecting you. It is stealing your information.

Anyone use Windows OS, you will get infect this virus and identity theft. 

Donald Trump and his Republican are going to pass the law forbid legal immigrant and illegal immigrant collect public benefit. This mean if you are not American, you can't apply for welfare, food stamp, wic program, child tax credit, health insurance, unemployment assistance, financial aid, retirement, etc. This mean public program is for only American citizen.

I think this an extreme prejudic against immimgrant. Specially now a day, there are only fiew job out there. Most of the jobs replace by automation and robots.

If Donald Trump law pass, we will see high crime rate is rising in America. People will do anything to survive.

I got this information from WashingtonPost Yahoo

Democratic want to pass Law to protect illegal immigrant which is known DECA. They claim these are the children brought to America when they were children. If you look at DECA, most of them are 21 to 80 years old.  This url

List the 15 countries where most DECA come from. Basically they come from all over the world,

1. South America - Mexica, Brazil, Haiti, Agentina, Peru, etc.

2. Asia - India, Philippine, Korea, China

3. Europe - Poland, former Soviet Republic countries

If you look at American population, half of American are immigrant and illegal immigrant. Each year American has at least 1 millions people migrate to America either by Visa or Illlegal way.

The U.S. government and Travel industry make money from people traveling. Imagine if American stop International flying, millions American travel industry will unemploy.

It is an economic cycle.  

The good thing with migrant workers. They make some American very wealthy because they are willing to work for less but they are replacing a lot of American workers. For example, Donald Trump family are very wealthy because he use migrant workers to build his empire and his real estate. 

I remember in 1980s you can buy a single home for $10k. Now you can't buy a home for $10k because the population grow and high demand. Therefore it is good for real estate company. If you own property, you can sell at higher price. But it is bad for young American generation. The new young American generation won't be able to afford to buy a new home because there is little home to buy. Now They have to compete with other consumers.


I told everyone so about hackers steal American Identity. Internet design for public access only. It was not intent to design to secure data. Now you see hackers steal 50 millions users informations from facebook, Orbit Travel web site, Yahoo, Google, NetFlex, Amazon, Bank America, Home Depot, Walmart, Apple, etc.

Back in the old day every corporation use their own hardware computer. Now they use cloud service. The cloud service mean one hardware share with multiple vendors. Therefore people can access the hardware is not just only your IT but other IT who you don't know.

For example, If you host your web server with AWS cloud, your IT can access your Instance. The AWS IT can access your instance because he manage the VMware and Hardware.

Every American consumers Identity are compromised by hackers.

The hackers normally target your Database System. If you use scripting language or Java war file, they just look into log files and config file. They can get your username, password, hostname of your Database. Then they just back up your entire database to their servers. 

Many of these cloud services are storing oversea such as India, England, Ireland, Europe, Asia. Therefore U.S. government have no control over someone hardware in oversea. If the hardware is located in U.S.,  U.S. government have jurisdiction over.

What do they do with American identify? They sell to telemarketing, scam artist, and someone personate you.