This mid-term election you would see a lot of young progressive American new generation are running for U.S. Congress. The reason they are running because they know for the last 30 years the Washington is running and operate by the Wall Street. The Wall Street make so much money and while put millions American unemployed. How the wall street make money? They buy American manufacture. Then they lay off American workers. Then they move the manufacture to China.  By cutting labor cost, they make so much money. As result, they put America into the path of bankruptcy. 

Check out new American progressive generation who will fight for American. Not like Donald Trump.


Selenium webdriver extension for Safari is breaking your Safari browser. It cause your Safari browser stop support JavaScript and cause JavaScript error.

Just remove the Safari extension webdriver. Then it would work fine.

If you update your Mac OS with new Safari 11.1.2,  it does not support jquery and angular js. If your web site is using jquery and angularjs, it won't rendering. Basically you see any content and throw javascript error when I visit major web sites such yahoo or cnn.

So I switch to chrome, it works fine.

Who should you vote for your U.S. congress for 2018? My advice vote for someone who know and someone who is living in your city. I mean you should vote for someone a long time resident of your city and town because he or she understand of your problem. Do not vote for any candidate who just move into your city or town because he or she just want to represent the establishment.

As you know in Lowell, MA. 3rd U.S. congressional district we already have a Democratic establishment pour tone of money for his campaign for this seat. My advice we should not vote for him. We should vote someone is a long time resident of Lowell, MA.

For Democratic candidate seat we have a lot of candidate;


For Republican we have only one candidate, Rick Green. Republican is not pouring any money for him because they know the seat will go to the Democratic. I really don't know who is Rick Green either.

French soccer team won the world cup champion 2018 in Russia. If you notice, French Soccer Team look like American soccer team. You can see their players make up French African like American African. This mean French make up of nationality around the world like American. Therefore I don't think any country take over the world. A country make up of International around the world. It's impossible to defeat.

Congraduation to French Soccer Team. French and Cambodian are one people. French play important role in Cambodian society during colony and after the colony.


A young healthy American kid in his 30 years old died in his sleep. No one know what is the caused and even the doctors don't know what is the caused. 

He is not the only one who die in his sleep. We are talking thousands of young American children who die in their sleep. This is the most mistery to a lot of American children.

Kevin is the most healthy person. He is a U.S. military veterian who died in his sleep this week. No one know what is the caused of his problem.

This is the most scary when you go to sleep, you never get up again.

I told everyone so about every American consumers personal information will be stolen by hackers. Your credit card, banking account, driver license, social security number, password, email, address will be stolen by hackers. Why these hackers can steal your personal data easily? During Bill Clinton and George W. Bush presidency every corporation laid off every American software programmers and IT. They brought in H1-B Visa software programmers to work and maintain their software and IT infrastructure. Every consumer credit card, social security, and driver license are storing in the database in plain text. When the hackers access the server, they target the database and back up the entire database system.

Plus they use cloud service to store all your personal information. We know cloud service is not security service. As result every American consumers are stolen. U.S. government need to jail these CEO.

Anyone know how to build application. If you add the word security, only a few programmer know how to do so. Most American software programmers understand these type concept because they was taught at school.

The immigrant bill should include following

1. If any immigrant has children born as U.S. citizenship, they will be exempt from deportation. If they commit crime, they should follow the same rule as U.S. citizenship. After they serve their time, they can go back re-unite their family.

2. Any un-document immigrant and over stay visa has no children born as U.S. citizenship. They should deport to their home country.

3. Refugee will treat the same as U.S. citizenship. They will be exempt from deportaton because they have no country return to.

The ICE give the central American Migrant 2 choice either deport with their children or deport without their children. Most of the migrant will take deport without their children because they know their children will grow up with a better future in America. This reminding me in the old day, the white people take away children from Native American and put them in adoption home and raise them in Christian value but at the end most of them grow up and become very well educated.

In Australia they did the same to Native Australian. At the end these children grow up and become very well educated people.

It's sad where poor people are willing to loose their children because they want a better life for their children in U.S.

American need to convert central America to adopt American government system and tax system to help the poor. For example, Massachusetts have a lot of public housing and public program to help the poor American family but MA. people pay higher tax than any other states. If there is no check and balance, there will be corruption in government that use tax payer money to in rich themselves. For example, MA. state troupers use tax payers to in rich themselves by record work over times that they don't work.

American workers are completely destroyed by the establishment. Now a day millions American are working as temporary and part-time. American corporation find the way to beat American Law by using temporary workers, part-time workers, and contract workers so they don't have to pay for benefit such as vacation, sick day, holiday pay, medical care.

Now any student graduate from ellite college, you will end up working as temporary or contract worker. Therefore there is no labor law to protect American workers. This is how American corporation operate their business in Asia so they use the same technique in America.

My advice if Lebron James want the best education for his children. He should join the Celtic next year. Boston has the best school and university in U.S. As you know Harvard, MIT, Umass, BU, etc. as the best University in U.S.A. Plus Massachusetts is the home for many President of U.S. and home of Doctor Martin Luther King. He should join the Celtic and help the Celtic get Championship.

We love you King James.

As you know Massachusetts has the lowest poverty rate if you compare it to other states. Massachuetts has a lot of people graduated from college. We still have a lot of Manufactures and Research here. Many Massachusetts people are very open mind. Plus we have Universal health care for everyone. Every our school have free lunch for every children from Pre-school to High School.

In Massachusetts we don't have crazy people because we have free mental health hospital where we lock them up and give them medical treatment.

It's too late for Privacy data come to enforce. Every American citizen social security, driver license, birthdate, address, passport, first name, and last name, etc. are in the hand of Indian, Irish, British, etc. They store your personal information in the cloud which located in India, Ireland, England, China, etc. There is nothing you can do about it. Million people take on American Identity and  travel to U.S. every day. No one know about it.

When a killer shot 5 people at Newspaper place, you see it on Internatal news TV. When a drug dealer or a gangster shot couple people on the street at Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, LA, NJ, etc, you don't see it on International TV news.  Why? It is a bias news. If you watch your local news, you would see people kill and shot each other every week. I estimate at least 1000 people killed every day by Gun shot.

Any company use H1-B Visa immigrant to build their web application or software application. 90% of them they don't work. They have mess defects. When I do contract for outsource company, they hire me just to fix their mess defects. I am talking about 10,000 defects per day. Why it has mess defects because they has put the wrong logic when they build the web site. As a result, they have thousands and thousands of defects.

Web site application is the most conflict structure. If you put the wrong logic, you will produce thousands and thousands of defects which cause volunable for hackers to access the site easily without logic.

This is the reason we have hackers grant access because they are able to access through the web site and steal information.

When come to write software application, it need require good plan and good logic. If a person never write application and just get out of college, they are volunable to produce mess defects.

We need to remove career politican from U.S. Congress. As you know for the last 30 years, the career politican is making America worse. The last 30 years, the career politican is working hard for establishment and wall street. They make American people become homeless.

Immigrant debate will be hottest topic this November 2018 election. A candidate can be pro-immigrant or against immigrant. Now every American have to ask ourselves. Will you allow more immigrant to come to U.S. to take over your job? Will you stop immigrant to come to U.S. from take over  your job? If you vote for establishment candidate, they are pro-immigrant that mean they will allow millions migrant to come to U.S. to replace existing American workers.

As you know American population is growing so rapidly each year. I remember in 1990s, all you have high school diploma or Bachelor degree to get a job. Now a day you need master degree or PHD to get a job because the American population is growing so rapidly.

If you see millions immigrant migrate to U.S. every year, this put into high demand and low supply. As a result, you can see, the food price is going up, home price is going up, land price is going, etc. Back in 1990s you can buy a water melon for $0.50 or $1, now you can't buy a water melon for $0.50 because the population grow. As population growth, the price index is going up. This concept is good for wall street like Donald Trump said, buy low and sell high. If you own building or properties, you want more consumers. In order to get rapid consumers, you need to bring more immigrant. Then you can sell or rent your properties to immigrant at high price.

If you are unemployed, you should run for any political seat. If you get elected, that is become a job for you. For example, MA. Congress man make about $75k per year. If you get elect to U.S. congress man, you would make about $100k to $1 millions per year in form of investment.

As you know there is no high pay job in private sectors because most of private company are moved to oversea or either use H1-B visa workers.

If you just get graduated from college, you may have to work at Mcdonald or temporary worker to pay off your student loan.

Now a day every job position can be replaced with lowest workers from oversea. Event Medical doctors can replace by H1-B Visa workers. This is best technique to cut labor cost and increase profit. 

For example, President Donald Trump and his family use to follow this technique to make him become a billionair. Most of his workers are either H1-B Visa workers from Europe or Illegal workers from South America to build his empire. This is the reason you say millions immigrant migrate to America per year. Most of these immigrant are sponsored by corporation or sponsor by temporary employment agency.

Be aware iPhone Insurance scam - If you buy iphone X from Sprint or ATT, they sell you the Insurance to cover iPhone X for $17 a month. This is a scam technique. Base on iPhone X if your phone get stolen, the theft can't reset your phone or use phone or resale your phone to anyone because the theft can't unlock it. Without your passcode and face recognition, a theft can't resale your phone or use your phone. If your phone turn on, you can iphone finder to trace out where your phone is. All you have to do, just report to police.

Iphone is the most the secure.

Therefore you don't need to pay insurance for $17 per month. You may need case to protect your phone in case of dropping to avoid damage.

Be aware auto transmission insurance scam. When you buy a new car from dealers, the dealers try to sell you auto transmission insurance. This is an additional insurance coverage fee. It is a scam. Base on a new car, the car's transmission would be last for 5 years. Another word, your auto engine won't break down for 5 years. It won't break down for 5 years. This is give an opportunity for dealer scammers to sell you engine coverage for 5 years. They know you cars won't break down for 5 years, they will get free money from you for 5 years.

If you ask them if the insurance would cover longer than 5 years, they say no. My advice do not buy this insurance from dealer. Base on new car, all you have to do just change oil.

Within 5 years these are maintaining you should do on your car

1. oil change

2. Break repair

3. tire replacement

4. Replace washer fluid 


These are 4 things that you may need to do the most. They don't cover under transmission or engine insurance scam.

It's time U.S. congress come together to impeach Donald Trump. He has the Nazi in his blood stream. He treat our neighbor immigrant children in cage. This is reminding me what Nazi had done to the Jewish in WW II. Now Donald Trump is doing the same thing to treat our neighbor immigrant from South America.

We need to make South America become one America so people can move freely.  If we don't do it, North America will face a serious problem in the future when China or Russia take over South America.

The time is now. We can't allow Donald Trump do disguisting act on children.

Millions died in WW II to defeat Nazi. Now we have Nazi in the white house. We can't allow this go on.