If you use Android phone and Windows OS, the malware is automatically installed on your Android Phone and Windows OS laptop. Matter of time they turn on to display annoying ads.

If you have money, my recommandation is to buy a farm. As you know  America has rising in population and new immigrant. I remember in 1990s you can buy a water melon for $1 and buy a single home for $10k. Now you can't buy a single home for $200k because the population grow. When high demand, it will increase high price.

If you own a farm, you can grow your own food. You don't need to worry about the market or rise population or money.

During colony time period, people don't have to worry about food or money because they have plenty of land to farm their own crop.

Cambodian will hold general election this July 2018 but their is no opposition party. Now there is only party look like Syria, Russia, China, and Vietnam.

My advice to Cambodian people boycott the election. There is no freedom. Cambodian people have no right to elect anyone they like. Cambodian people can't vote for anyone else beside Hun Sen.

Chinese is out smart the world by using cheap labor. Their cheap labor attract investors to set up company in their country. Then they copy the pattern and produce the same products with different brand name. Now Chinese has their own phone, laptop, cars, steel, plastic, luminum, chip makers, clothes makers, shoe makers, home appliance, etc.  Now China does not need American corporation any more. They can just kick out American corporation fro their countries. They can produce the same goods and sell to people around the world.

This year millions American college graduators in science and engineers will be unemployed because most of the position are already filled by H1-B Visa or outsource.

You can read this url http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/19/technology/h-1b-visas-tech-hiring/index.html

There are few jobs for American students who major in computer science and engineers but there are plenty of jobs for saleman. If you are good in saleman and sale product, there are plenty of jobs in these fields.

I hope the Prince Harry and Princess Megan would fight for the justic for the Syrian people, Cambodian people, and Egyptain people. As you know Egyptian people was elected their first Democratic President. Then it was overthrown by military dictatorship. Some how the world need to step in and allow Egyptian people elect their own leader freely without fear.

It is a new chapter between American and British when Prince Harry and Princess Magan get marriage.  Now it is time to make British and American to be one people. I wish British and American can travel without using passport. For example, if you American can hope the plane and go to England anytime you like without International checking. For British citizen can hope the plane and come to U.S. anytime without International passport.

Imagine that.

Prince Harry and Megan Marriage today which break the cultural beary between black and white. Plus it will bright tight between American and British. When President Obama become a president of U..S., he broke the cultural beary the black and white.

I hope Hope Prince Harry and Megan will take on the fight to find peace on earth and give everyone on earth have the right to vote. For example, Syria and Cambodia people have no right to vote.  Cambodian people have been struggle for the last 50 years to fight for freedom, right of speech, the right religion, etc.

If Cambodian speak bad about Hun Sen, they end up death.

Next few more years your local insurance agency will be close their door and out of business. The reason why corporation auto insurance will take all their customers through offer cheaper insurance online. This is good for consumers for shortage time.

When you buy your auto insurance directly through auto corporation, you will pay less than your local auto insurance agency because you odn't have to pay for commission. This will lead more attraction for customers. 

The auto corporation and wall street spend billions of dollars to build their web sites so you can get real time insurance quote.

For example when you request for auto insurance quote, you just enter your driver license. It is automatically connecting RMV to get all your driving records. Then it will give you real time auto insurance quote.

This will lead to shut all the door for your local auto insurance agency, claim specialist, IT, Software development, receiptionist, etc. Millions American will be out of work. The reason why when everything is running through online, it mean less manual. Everything become automation. For software dvelopers and IT they will be outsource to India or China where the cheap labors.

The people who has money invest in auto insurance, they will make a lot of money. The wall street will make a lo t of money and auto insurance owner will make a lot of  money but it is bad for American workers. It is good for American consumer for shortage time. Then they will merge with other insurances company or buy out other insurance company to become one. Then they can raise higher price on consumers.

You will see it. My prediction it will happen within next 3 or 4 years. 

The news said, America has the lowest birth rate this year because American people has no job. Most of them take early retirement so they decide not to have more children. If they bring more children to this world, they know that their children won't have any opportunity.

This years million American children graduated from college. about 80% of them will work at Mcdonald or Donkin Donut to pay off student loan. Most of the high tech jobs and manufacture jobs are in China and India.

Now if you walk to the mall or wallmart or sears, you would see every products are made in China, Vietnam, Mexico, etc.

When I look to buy running shoes, I can't find any running shoes make in U.S.

Finally Celtic coach allow their ben substition players to play. As you know most of NBA and NFL has no chance of playing time. Every player has talent. Now the celtic players show their talent. They have comfident to beat Cavalier. 

This is remind me the celtic 1990s where the head coach allow everyone in the team to have playing time. If you look at celtic 1990s during Bird, Danny, etc. They were not the best player but they play as a team. They can beat LA Laker to win championship.

Play as a team and win as a team. They can conquer all.

How did hackers obtain customers credit card numbers, social security, birthdate, address, etc? It is very simple. They obtain these information through log file. For example, most of the credit card transaction through 3rd party log to log file before it send to the third party. This is the result how the hackers obtain these informations through log file. Who can obtain these informations? The programmers, System Administrators, Database Administrators, Cloud Administrators, and hackers.

My advice do not buy anything through online that asking for credit card or social security or etc.

A kid died today because someone or nurse gave her wrong medicine while she was in hospital. 

Voice message just sent to all parents, students and staff -


Good morning Lowell High School families,

This is Head of School, Marianne Busteed calling this Saturday morning to share that we are deeply saddened to have received the news of the unexpected passing of one of our Lowell High School students, Angelique McNeil.  Angelique passed away from a medical incident after a brief hospital stay.  Her family is asking for privacy during this time of great pain and grief.
Angelique has been a member of the Lowell High School community for two years.  During this time, Angelique filled the high school halls with her joyous greetings, energy and storytelling.  She will be greatly missed.  Our love, thoughts and prayers go out to Angelique’s family and friends during this time of sorrow.
In order to provide support to students, families and school personnel, members of the Lowell Public Schools Critical Incident Response Team together with Lowell High School staff will open Lowell High School on Saturday, May 12, 2018 from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. to offer counseling support for all members of the Lowell Public School community in need of assistance during this difficult time. 

Thank you for your time and support of Angelique's family and friends.

What do you think about U.S. unemployment rate is falling to 3.9%? Is this real or fake news? I think it is a fake news because they did not count

  1. Million American take early retirement when their unemployment run out. As you know Unemployment benefit is last for only 6 months. If they can't find a job within a year, they either go for early retirement or SSI.

This will be rising in government spending and government deficit. The next American retirees won't be able to retire because the government spend all their money.

If you travel to Cambodia, my advise Cambodia is not safe place like U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea. It is a third world country. It has a lot of high crime rate. It is known a place for sex tourist. For the last 30 years, it is still running by Hun Sen dictatorship leader. There is no law system. It is one of the most corruption country in the world.

If you get arrest in Cambodia, you just give $100 to the police. They will release you without charge. If you travel to Cambodia, make sure you bring a lot of dollar with you.

There is no traffic law enforcers. You can drive opposition direction or opposition road. No police will stop you. Hun Sen is a former khmer rouge leader. He was  one of the gangsters so he run the country like gangsters.

My advise, don't go to Cambodia wait until Cambodian people have free to elect new Prime Minister. As you know recently, he is appointed himself as  a prime minister of Cambodia. He disolved opposition group. The opposition group has 55 members of parliament that voted by the Cambodian people. Hun Sen disolved them and take these position and give to his people.

Cambodia become a one of the dangerous place to visit.

What do you think about this article? 


There is lawsuit against American corporation use H1-B Visa workers to replace American workers. The reason American use H1-B Visa workers because they are cheap labors. In this article, American corporation pay about $800 a month for H1-B Visa workers. If you compare the labor cost, American corporation save a lot of money. 

If you are a manager of Corporation who would you hire, $800 vs. $6000. This is the reason million American middle class disappear because American corporation prefer to high cheap labors that save them a lot of money.

This is the reason you see wall street is doing very well for the last 20 years.

05/02/2018 10:50

Howdy what do you think if North Korea and South Korea united? What will happen? Will China and American allow them to unite?

President Ronald Reagan brought East and West German together and put to end of cold war. Now President Donald Trump will bring North and South Korea together. It's time to allow North and South Korean united.

Let the cold war end. Now it's time to allow Korean united and end cold war forever. I hope Chinese, Russian, and American allow the Korea have peace and united into one country.

Recently hackers expose your personal information on Internet after they hack to American corporation web site. As you know most American corporation are using web 1.0. When you visit any American web site, click on view source. You can see all their html and javascript because the html and javascript are rendering from the backend. This make hackers easy to decode. Then they can predict what will happen when they make request to backend.

Web 1.0 has no secure at all. This is reason w3c introduce web 3.0 which provide corse cross origin concept and a single page application that is written mostly in JavaScript. AngularJS come to play important role in web 3.0 . When we deploy web 3.0 to cloud service, the html and javascript are minified. The front end and backend pack in a binary jar file and deploy to the cloud service. 

If hacker access the server, they can't find the config file where is stored the database information.

This is bulletin proof.

If you are look for  a job in web site developer or software engineer, mass majority American corporation is still using web 1.0 and web 2.0 . They are still using Jquery, html 4, css 1, css 2, JavaScript for front end. For their backend, they use mostly Java, JSP, JSP tag Lib, Drool Rule Engine, server side rendering. All their validation is done on the server side. It is the most easy to debug. All you have to do, just view the source code through browser. You can see all their code. You can predict what their validation is going to be. They normally use SOAP web service which xml restful service. Now a day it is hard to find people who know this old technology because most of people is normally use spring rest service.

As a result, they normally have a lot of defects. They are always looking for people to help fixing these defects. If you know these technology, you should be able to find a contract work or temporary work for 3 or 6 months. Just remember these technology stack they use

1. Java, JSP, JSP Tag Lib, Drool Rule Engine, Maven, Spring Framework

2. SOAP web service or xml rest format data exchange

3. html 4, css 1, css2, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap Style sheet for responsive